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Taylah Robinson

          Taylah Robinson is a student, entrepreneur, artist, and medical assistant. She has a collegiate background in biological/ biogenetic sciences as well as laboratory research studies from her alma mater, LIU Brooklyn. Additionally, she is well versed in the world of herbalism and holistic medicine studies. 

          Growing up in the Boston area, she was heavily involved with several community organizations and youth outreach programs, such as the Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury, where youth empowerment, career development, and futuristic planning were emphasized in urban areas. She aims to provide mentorship and tutorial services for those seeking educational assistance in the most authentic way. 

          Taylah specializes in assisting with biological studies, natural and inorganic Sciences, ELA & comprehension, writing, math, computer literacy/ programming skills, as well as African Studies at any grade level from elementary to college placement. Her multitude of skills and diverse background combined grant her the ability to work with students from all backgrounds and of any age. 

          Her strong passion for learning, academia,, and art motivate her to connect with individuals who are seeking to expand their knowledge in their own unique ways. She believes that the right information has the potential to set you free, as there is no limit to the mind’s optimal capacity.


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