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Valentina Stackhouse

         Valentina Stackhouse was born and grew up in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Valentina graduated  from Kazakh Humanitarian Judicial Innovative University in Kazakhstan. She currently holds Master of Business Education degree from Western Governor University.

         Valentina has a strong academic background in foreign languages such as English and Russian. Valentina holds a certification in TESOL (Methods: Survey of Best practices in TESOL Teaching as a second language) from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus (UMBC) and Project Management from Cornell University. Valentina has professional experience in business, supply chain and import. Valentina has experience teaching English and Russian to students of different
age groups. Currently, Valentina runs the Russian school “Deti” in NWA on Sundays.

         Russian is a native language for Valentina. She can share with you her knowledge and insights on the culture and traditions of Russia and Kazakhstan.
         Valentina loves her daughter, who is bilingual too. She loves to explore the world and be a tutor. Valentina’s favorite food is Borsh and Pelmeni.    

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