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Mary Foley-Powers

     Mary Foley-Powers started her career by earning a B.A. in Biology from the esteemed Boston University before furthering her education with a Masters degree in Biology from the University of San Diego. She is licensed to teach Biology and Special Education and is also SEI certified to aid students struggling with English as a second language.

     She has worked in education for seventeen and a half years, teaching special education from middle school up through high school levels. She is comfortable tutoring a broad range of subjects including ELA, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, and Geometry. Mary believes the best approach to teaching a student involves getting to know him or her on a personal level to figure out an individual’s best mode of learning and then adapting instruction to cater to their strengths, while also addressing any weaknesses. 

     Before she became an educator, Mary has been involved in developing a DNA fingerprinting technique when the technology was in its infancy. She  holds a patent on an ink used in Powerade labels and has maintained her career in education all while raising five children (four of them quadruplets). With an unending well of patience and a wealth of innovation and drive, Mary can assist every student reach their maximum potential. 

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