Innovative Education Solutions (IES) will partner with public and private schools, community organizations, and collaboratives to help develop programs and provide professional development that meets the unique needs of your education professionals and stakeholders.  

To help ensure that all organizations can take advantage of these services, IES is prepared to partner with Title I school districts and other nonprofit organizations to use grant funding to bring these services directly to your education professionals and the students they service. 

As part of these community partnerships, IES will also work with families who home school their children to help design or revise educational programming, as well as to provide instructional support.  

For more information, please complete an inquiry form through this website or call 508-213-8421.  

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Innovative Education Solutions (IES) has responded to the needs of families to support their children as they continue to negotiate remote and hybrid learning by offering discounted remote and hybrid learning support.  Whether your child needs individual assistance or you have formed a learning pod with other students and families, IES will supply a trained educator to  help ensure that your child is successful with remote and hybrid learning, providing you with the peace of mind and allowing you to work from home to provide for your family.  Due to the ongoing COVID crisis, we will only provide in-person services on a case by case basis.    


For more information, please complete an inquiry form through this website, or call 508-213-8421.   

Remote Learning


Innovative Education Solutions (IES) offers private and semi-private tutoring in a variety of academic subjects, including all levels of math, advanced placement courses, and standardized testing such as the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and GRE.  

Private tutoring is available for students and families who prefer to take advantage of one-to-one instructional support.  

For families who want more affordable instructional support, IES offers remote semi-private tutoring, with tutoring sections capped at five students to maintain individualized instruction.  Note that a minimum of three students is needed for semi-private tutoring sessions to run.  

Given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, IES will provide in-person tutoring on a case by case basis.  When this crisis has ended, IES will continue to offer private tutoring both face-to-face and virtually.  

IES sets itself apart from other companies by providing more competitively priced programs, as well as more manageable ways for families to pay.  We will not require large retainers for private tutoring, as our competitors do.  

For more information, please complete an inquiry form through this website, or call 508-213-8421.  

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