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Terri-Ann Kelly 


     Dr. Terri-Ann Kelly has an extensive background as a biomedical engineer and chief scientist for several major universities, including Columbia University, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Queen Mary University in London, United Kingdom. Terri-Ann has also helped lead for private companies that specialize in the manufacturing of cartilage and other tissues. Altogether, Terri-Ann has worked as a scientific researcher for over 30 years. Terri-Ann earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University and a B.S. in Biology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In addition to her extensive experience as a professional scientist, Terri-Ann has experience as a tutor and teaching assistant in biology, chemistry, physics, biomedical engineering and advanced mathematics. She also is experienced in teaching the scientific process.  


     In her free time, Terri-Ann enjoys drawing, painting, photography, baking, bird watching, gardening, watching TV, hanging out with her dog Sydney and learning about other cultures and languages. Terri-Ann’s conversational Spanish, for example, is quite good.

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