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Victoria Grisanti Tutoring Photo, IES.png

Victoria Grisanti


     Victoria ("Tory") Grisanti earned her BA in Religion, Health, and Medicine from Northwestern University as a student in their Honors Program in Medical Education. She is currently working on a research project at Boston College and co-authoring a book on interdisciplinary approaches to medicine.


     Tory has worked in childcare in different capacities for several years, as a classroom Sunday School teacher, a camp counselor, and a nanny. With an emphasis on elementary school and early middle school, she focuses on engaging children through purposeful questioning and empathetic listening. She believes that given time and autonomy, children have immense capabilities to problem solve and truly grasp difficult material. She loves seeing children succeed and grow confident in their abilities and wants to help children see learning as a thrilling journey rather than a tedious task.

     Outside of her tutoring sessions, Victoria loves baking and spending time with her family. 

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