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Cody Maddux 


          Cody first started his journey in math education while working towards his bachelor's degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he tutored many freshman, sophomore, and junior college-level math students for a wide variety of classes. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2018 and graduating Cum Laude, he began working toward his master's degree, also at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During this time, he taught several freshman and sophomore college-level math classes, including College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. He was awarded his Master's Degree in Mathematics in 2020, and he currently teaches and tutors mathematics.

          Cody's goal while tutoring and teaching students is to simplify difficult concepts and focus on mastery, so that students can build confidence to tackle challenging problems without feeling panicked. He also understands that many students may not have a strong background in math and adjusts his instruction by working "from the ground up" so that all students can develop the skills to succeed in their math classes, regardless of their current skill level.

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