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Shaab Javed 


          Shaab Javed is a well-traveled person and has a diverse background that includes living and working around the globe. Shaab moved to the United States from Abu Dhabi in 2019. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, Hindi/Urdu, and Punjabi. His approach to teaching involves his ability to make a new language interesting and informative at the same time. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge of different cultures and eager to learn something new from others. He has taught Chinese and English to different age groups in different countries.
          Shaab holds a bachelor's degree in Computers from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology in China. He also holds certifications in HSK ( Chinese Proficiency Test ) from Beijing, Project Leadership from Cornell University,  Project Management from Cornell University, People and Business Leadership from Bellevue University, and is currently enrolled in The Business Analytics and Operations certification course from Pathstream.
          Shaab believes that life is a continuous process of learning and he keeps himself involved in learning new skills. Shaab has professional experience in human resources, administration, supply chain, import, and consultancy.
Shaab loves traveling, trying different cuisines, and spending time with family and friends.

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