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Yuxuan Mayock

          Yuxuan Mayock (pronounced yoo-shen)was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. Yuxuan  has a strong academic background in Chinese and mathematics. Yuxuan also has professional experience in business and finance.  Yuxuan has experience tutoring children and adults, having taught Chinese students as well as her peers from college and graduate school.  Yuxuan possesses a bachelor's degree in international economics and investments from Anhui University of Finance and Economics in China and a master's degree in Finance from Clark University in Worcester, MA.  She is fluent in Mandarin and English and is able to provide cultural insights on traditions and trends.

          Yuxuan met her husband while attending graduate school in Worcestor, MA, and she relocated to Massachusetts shortly after earning her graduate degree. She is eager to resume tutoring and meeting new students.  Yuxuan loves animal, traveling, and photography. Yuxuan’s favorite food is spicy hot pot and strawberries.

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